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Clark Bending

Art and painting are the means of expressing my feelings, thoughts on landscapes, people, issues, places and other subjects. We all have our unique visions and ideas. By viewing my artwork I hope to share with you insights, experiences,visions and expand - open our minds together through art.
Vibrant colors have always interested me. Paintings by Matisse, Van Gogh and Pissaro inevitably get my attention. So how did I become an artist? As I attended a suburban art fair I came across wild phlox; they were purple, blue, in large masses on a stream. The scene was very moving. Encountering the nearest artist on display, I commented that I would love to be able to paint such a scene. His response was: "Why not? Take lessons! Do it!" So I did.

My formal education is limited to continuing education classes in oil and in watercolor. I have attended several workshops with local artists. The most significant learning came from an excursion in plein aire painting in Provence, France. Specifically in Arles and St. Remy - the footsteps of Van Gogh.

I am and continue to be active in several local artist associations. In their exhibitions I have been awarded several honorable mentions. My style has been described as primitive, fauvist, or non traditional. I can say that color, movement, and light inspire me. Most of my work has been in oil and, to a lesser extent, acrylic. I have a strong desire to work in gouache especially for plein aire paintings.

Finally I owe a great deal of appreciation to: Jack Denney, the watercolorist who challenged me to paint; Henry Hoffnung, who entered my works in a local exhibition; and Tom Trausch for guiding me with special attention in his workshops and significant on-going encouragement.

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